Trust-Less 2020
A PoS Validator Conference

Date: Sunday January 12th, 2020

Location: San Francisco & Online

Cost: Free

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Our Mission:

We believe that the future of the blockchain space will be created by blockchain-native students not Web 2.0 executives.

With each event we run, our goal is to

  • strengthen blockchain networks
  • create an open space to ask hard questions
  • help students gain operational & job-relevant experience (plus earn some side-hustle money)
  • Educational Sessions:

  • Methodology For Measuring Decentralization
  • Staking-As-A-Service Models: Economics, Custody, and Security

  • Actionable Workshops: You Will Learn To

  • Stake On Different Blockchain Networks
  • Participate (As A Validator) Via Incentivized Testnets
  • Build Your Own Staking-As-A-Service Startup
  • Run Tor (Onion Router) Relay & Exit Nodes
  • The Speakers:



    Hsin-Ju Chuang

    Founder of Dystopia Labs; Former Head of Growth at Stellar (XLM), Solana; ex-Director @Tezos (TQ).



    Luke Youngblood

    Founder & CEO of Blockscale. Created the Staking Infrastructure for the Tezos Foundation; works with CoinBase Custody.



    Julian Koh

    Software Engineer @Coinbase Custody



    More To Be Announced!

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